Jul. 15th, 2011

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I was just listening to some ABBA, because I'm badass like that, and who really wants to go out on a Friday night anyway (in my defense, I actually WAS going to go out, but I have to be up super early in the morning), when "Take A Chance On Me" came on my player.

In case you lived in a cave (or weren't born yet) in 1978, this is the song. Or should I say, THE AWESOME.

For those of you who don't know, Swedish supergroup ABBA was my first favorite band. And they are still one of my favorite bands. All I have to do is think about them, and I feel compelled to go look up some of those sweet, sweet melodies. When I was 10, I wore flowers in my hair, and made my mother buy me long sweaters and scarves and tall suede boots so I could dress like ABBA. She drew the line at a silky dress, split from the neckline to the navel like on the cover of "Voulez Vous", but I'd have totally worn that, if I'd been allowed. I crimped my hair, too, but instead of looking like ABBA, I looked more like Roseanne Rosannadanna.

So, anyway, as I have reported before, my mis-hearing of song lyrics is often pretty epic. I've even persuaded friends to change the titles of songs, because I didn't understand them. When I was a kid, I was absolutely convinced that the first line in this song was not actually "if you change your mind, I'm the first in line, honey I'm still free, take a chance on me." No, I thought it was "if you change your mind, I'm the first in line, Olly Oxenfree, take a chance on me."

That is all.


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