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I have like two seconds to update (OK, maybe not *that* little, but not much), because I'm at ETSU working on an assignment. Yeah, on a Sunday night. How motivated am I? Anyway, I just had to write about something that made me so very happy today.

For a while now I've been wanting a black peacoat. For one thing, I think they're just incredibly snazzy, and also, being wool, they're very warm and I am a cold-natured little thing. Last year, my cousin got one for Christmas, and I was admiring it, but I just couldn't bring myself to shell out the cash to get one of my own. Today however, I went up to the cabin to help my parents clean. They're getting ready to have some work done on the attic (finishing up the walls, which are now just framed in, and putting down flooring.) They wanted to clean some up there, and get rid of things that needed to be gotten rid of. Some of it was my stuff, so I went up to help out. We found a huge box of clothes, which was a regular walk down memory lane. My first band uniform, AND my first cheerleading uniform from 6th grade was in that box, as was the dress I wore the first day of school, my flower girl dress from my aunt and uncle's wedding and a couple of my t-shirts that I bought in Europe. We also found my mom's wedding dress and the outfit that my dad bought her their first Christmas together. Dad found a ton of stuff from his youth as well. And you wonder how I got to be such a sentimental schmuck/packrat. My parents save everything.

Mom lifted out this big, very heavy garment bag and said "hmm, wonder what's in here?" It was dad's dress Navy uniform, AND his government issue official Navy peacoat that he had from basic training in Great Lakes, IL!!! Seeing as my dad weighed 130 lbs when he joined the Navy (this was with him standing 6ft. tall...the guy was a beanpole), I thought "wonder if I could wear it?" I tried it on, practically holding my breath, because I WANTED that coat. The sleeves are a bit too long and come down over my hands, but through the waist and shoulders, it is a perfect fit. It's super heavy, has those cool Navy anchor buttons and says "US Navy" on the tag. Man, oh man, I am so friggin' proud of that thing! It comes down about mid-calf and will keep me incredibly warm. Naturally, after being closed up in a box for 43 years, it's a bit musty and there's a spot on the back that can hopefully be removed. But I'm taking it to the dry cleaners tomorrow and will see what they can do with it. Finding that coat absolutely made my day.


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