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I just poured General out some treats, and noticed that they're shaped like little fish. Now of course, General is VERY observant and also noticed that they were shaped like fish. He appreciates the effort that I put into choosing treats that are appealing to his sensibilities (the reason I use "he" in this post, is that the girls couldn't care less about treats, so they rarely partake.)

These treats are also multi-colored. One side is brown, the other side is yellow, which is very important. Cats also like their food to be color-coordinated.
I have to wonder, exactly who are the cat fud makers targeting when they do stuff like this? Certainly not the cats. I'm actually pretty confident that I could throw down a gray lump of slime, and if it tasted appealing, they'd eat it.

I heard a stand-up comedian talking about cat fud flavors one time. He was laughing about how we have chicken and turkey and tuna flavored cat fuds. Of course, those are all made to appeal to the owners, not the cats. He observed that if the cats had a say in it, cat fud would be mouse flavored. And it's probably true. But would anyone buy it? And I guess in order to MAKE mouse flavored cat fud, someone would have to know what mice taste like. Well, there probably are people who know what mice taste like. And those people are insane. But most everyone knows what tuna or salmon or beef tastes like, so if we have human taste-testers at pet food places, they can say "yeah, this tastes like chicken." Which makes me wonder, DO they have human taste-testers working for pet food makers? When Purina says "now more flavor than ever!", do they really KNOW that it has more flavor than ever? Why were we denied more flavor in the past? And who decides this? It's not like Fluffy can say "wow, I'm really enjoying this bag much more than the last. I mean, the other was OK, but now this? THIS has so much more flavor. I'm picking up a hint of bacon, with some undertones of mahi mahi. And I have noticed that the morsels are decidedly more crispy. Excellent choice this week!" oooooooooooooop;olllllllllllllllllllll

OK. Sabrina put that last part in there. I'm not kidding. She actually spelled "poll." I think she was trying to say "lol", but she got a little excited. She's telling all of you in Kentucky to get out and vote today. Or perhaps she wants me to post a poll about whether or not people would buy mouse flavored cat fud. And she also thought this entry was funny/entertaining/observant, and said "ooooo, lol!"

I think perhaps I'm lacking some brain cells at the moment. Someone please help me.
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The other day when [ profile] samuraigrrrl was doing my hair, we were discussing my fondness for misunderstood song lyrics, and that reminded me that I should look up one I'm *pretty* sure I'd been misunderstanding for years.

Prince's "Let's Go Crazy." I heard it on the '80s station the other day, and sang it the way I always do (badly and wrongly.) I just now Googled the lyrics. Wow, I couldn't have been more off if I'd tried. What it really says:
Let's go crazy
Let's get nuts
Let's look 4 the purple banana
'Til they put us in the truck, let's go!

You wanna know what I've been hearing (and singing) all these years? Since..what, 1984, when Purple Rain came out? This is a good one. I've been singing "Let's go crazy. Let's get nuts. Slip on a purple banana peel, ignore our state of trust, let's go!"

I never thought that made much sense, but I couldn't figure out what else it could be. Not that the real lyrics are that much better, plus, I don't know that I'd want to look 4 a purple banana anyway.
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You must go here: (Yes, it's totally safe for work, unless your office does not allow laughter.) Thanks to [ profile] exposit for the awesome link.

If you have ever had portraits made at Olan Mills, Sears or any other photography studio (particularly during the '70s and/or '80s) then you will appreciate it even more.

For the record, my senior picture was taken along the Oregon Trail. I am leaning up on a split rail fence in a couple of the poses, like the pioneer chick I was. When I was about 12, my family and I were photographed in The Library, AND we were yellowy-orange to boot! I'm pretty sure that Camaro Boy asked me to my junior prom. And my mother (still to this day) has me captured in a wine glass in their living room, circa 1989. I don't think that my family personally has any of the other poses/backdrops, but I'm pretty confident that some of yours do! If you'd like to share any of them with me, feel free. We could have a contest: Worst Olan Mills Photographic Experience or something. If any of you have the floating head/full view picture like the second one, I'd be especially interested to see those. My cousins had portraits made like that when I was little, and I was *so* jealous. I wanted one of my very own!

I must go dig up some of my old (bad) photos. I actually worked for a portrait studio just out of high school. I set appointments for them, and by doing so, got free family portraits. (Street value of $199.99!) Fortunately, most of those were just set in front of a plain gray backdrop, except for the one of my mother gazing into a mirror, holding a bouquet of (obviously) fake flowers. Ahhh, the memories..


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