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Yes, I am actually alive. Thanks to those who sent out the search party. For the new people on my friends list, I'm normally not this quiet. (Yeah, I think "quiet" is not an adjective that would ever be used to describe me.)

Anyway...just been busy and stuff. Mostly stuff.

I've got a strange question. Or maybe not so strange, I dunno. My mom is a big fan of hard candy, but not the creepy movie staring Ellen Page. She doesn't really do chocolate so much (yeah, I know..and I'm her offspring?), but she does enjoy fruity candies a lot. So every year for Christmas, I always make both my parents a stocking filled with their favorite candy and treats. Dad's easy..he's a chocoholic like me and our taste in sweets is virtually identical, but mom is a little harder to please. She loves Jolly Ranchers, but has lamented for years that she can't find the peach ones anymore. I finally thought to look online and see if they're even still made, and found that apparently I'm not the only one searching for them. I've actually found a candy store that specializes in hard-to-find candy. They sell bulk Jolly Ranchers, and I want to call them to see if they could get me a slew of peach ones. But I'd daresay they're not open at 9:30 pm. So, do any of you nosy types know of a way that I could score some peach Jolly Ranchers? She also likes peach Jelly Bellies, which apparently have also gone the way of the dinosaur, but she's really wanting the Jolly Ranchers.

OK, yeah, I know. I emerge after a week and a half and my post is about candy. Sorry kids.


Sep. 19th, 2008 03:48 pm
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This weekend at Casa de Kimmy will be full of excitement. My mom's birthday is next week, and I'm hostessing her early surprise birthday party tomorrow. Keeping a surprise party from my mother is no small feat, let me tell you. For those of you who were around in 2006, and remember the big anniversary shindig I threw for my parents, you may also remember that my mother tried every way possible to inadvertantly blow it for me. She's done pretty much the same thing this time. She's not doing it on purpose...she just has this knack for accidentally planning over my plans, but thus far, the party seems to be on-target and the guest list has grown exponentially. I'm cooking a Mexican-themed feast for the occasion. A big pot of chili, taco and fajita serve-yourself bars, guacamole and salsa. It's gonna be awesome. Then at 3:30 we'll settle in to watch the Vols get pummeled by Florida. That part's more for my dad and uncles than my mom, but I think she'll have fun anyway.

In other news, kittycat got his manhood snipped yesterday. He came through the surgery brilliantly and was bounding around the house as if nothing had happened in no time. He's still bounding around the house as though nothing had happened. I was hoping that he might have some lingering effects of the sedative to give the elder cats a little rest, but no such luck. What I wouldn't give to have 1/8 of his energy. There was kind of a funny moment.. Last night, he climbed into bed with me and settled down on my lap to groom himself. When he got to the snipped parts, he sort of jerked his head up at me and gave me this absolutely shocked "..the hell..??" sort of expression, like he just noticed they were gone. Poor kitty. I guess that would be a surprise, huh? You go to sleep with testicles, wake up and they're gone.

And that's about it. I need to go forth and plan more. I've been preparing for this party for what seems like forever. Now I need to make my lists and schedules (yes, OCD much?) That helps though. If I know I need to have the chili on by 7 am, start the cake by 9, etc. etc., then I can get it all done smoothly and not run around like a crazy woman. Lists and schedules are my friend. Yesterday, [ profile] headbanger118 was laughing at me for my uber-organized shopping list (I had everything categorized), but I got everything I needed in an efficient manner.

OK...duty calls.

Say what?

Dec. 20th, 2007 10:38 pm
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As many of you know, I'm big into misunderstood song lyrics. Not only are they funny, I genuinely believe half of what I hear. But I also have difficulty in everyday conversation. I can *hear* just fine. In fact, I have excellent hearing. It's the comprehension that gets me.

So, tonight I was talking to my parents on the phone (mom gets one phone, dad gets the other.) We were talking about food, cooking for Christmas dinner, etc. etc. I remembered that I had a jug of milk in the fridge that I needed to finish. My mom usually doesn't buy milk unless either I'm coming home, or she is going to use it for a specific recipe. They just aren't milk drinkers. I, on the other hand, usually drink it like it's going out of style. But this past week, I've not been eating cereal, and for whatever reason, just haven't drank as much as normal. So I'd told her I'd bring the remainder of my jug of milk home with me, so she didn't have to buy one. She then informed me that she already had some, so that wouldn't be necessary. What she actually SAID next was "I've been using more milk than usual, but then again, I've made big breakfasts."

What I HEARD was "I've been using more milk than usual, but then again, I MIGHT BE PREGNANT."

Needless to say, I was a bit shocked. So I asked her what she'd said, and she then told me that she'd been making big breakfasts, with gravy, eggs, biscuits, etc., so she'd been using more milk. Yeah, that makes a lot more sense.

I thought for a minute we had a true Christmas miracle on our hands. The woman is 60 years old and has been spayed. Plus, I've been an only child for 39 years. If I had a sibling now, I'd probably kill it.
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I remembered my Blonde Moment! I thought of it while I was putting the clothes in to wash yesterday, which made me think it had something to do with laundry, but that is not the case. It has to do with trash.

My garbage pickup is on Thursday mornings. So, yesterday morning I jumped up, realized I hadn't put my can out in the driveway, and rushed out to do so (because yesterday was Thursday, right?) When I came in from work yesterday evening, all the stuff was still there. I panicked. Had I not paid my bill? What was wrong? I was trying to find a statement from Waste Management to make sure that I wasn't late on the bill, totally stressing about my trash not being picked up. And then I realized.

Yesterday was Wednesday.

My trash was gone today. Because Thursday.


Speaking of blondes, when I was younger, everyone used to say that my mom and I looked like sisters/twins. In the 80s, epecially, when I was a teen/young 20-something, whenever we went out together, we got stares galore. It was even worse when her sister, my Aunt Helen went with us. I'll never forget when a guy at K-mart rammed his shopping cart into a pole because he was staring over his shoulder at the three us. I guess I thought that I bore a resemblance to my mom, but I'd never thought that we just especially LOOKED ALIKE, and certainly not "OMG, you two must be sisters!"
Today, I was proven wrong. I was going through some more old photos. I found this one of my mother, and I thought it was me. Granted, she is getting into my car, and that kind threw me, but when I first glanced at it, I totally thought it was a picture of me.

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We even stand the same way. (This one really is me.) Oh, and look at that. I'm holding a bottle of hairspray. Go figure!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, yes. I totally admit now that I looked like my mother. With her new short hairdo, I don't think we really resemble each other so much now, as when we both had big blonde hair. But we definitely do have many of the same features. And I am seeing now that our body types are nearly identical (we're even the same height.) So, I guess I know what I'll look like when I'm 59, huh? :-)


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