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Wishing a great big happy birthday to my best friend in the world, [ profile] headbanger118 .

I threw her a little party on Saturday. She got a gift from [ profile] captainsblog and [ profile] plantmom that was a very nice surprise!

Hilarity always ensues. Always.

Singing "Happy Birthday", whilst Terri cuts the cake.

I was actually there! That's [ profile] nonspecific in the kittycathat.

It's a birthday cut. )
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Actually yesterday's and two weeks ago parties. I didn't even realize that I'd not posted the pictures of the dinner I had with [ profile] nonspecific, [ profile] theldara and crew, so I'll do that now, along with the family dinner from yesterday. Shall we?'s what's for dinner!


Mmmmmm....kitteh. )
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I remembered my Blonde Moment! I thought of it while I was putting the clothes in to wash yesterday, which made me think it had something to do with laundry, but that is not the case. It has to do with trash.

My garbage pickup is on Thursday mornings. So, yesterday morning I jumped up, realized I hadn't put my can out in the driveway, and rushed out to do so (because yesterday was Thursday, right?) When I came in from work yesterday evening, all the stuff was still there. I panicked. Had I not paid my bill? What was wrong? I was trying to find a statement from Waste Management to make sure that I wasn't late on the bill, totally stressing about my trash not being picked up. And then I realized.

Yesterday was Wednesday.

My trash was gone today. Because Thursday.


Speaking of blondes, when I was younger, everyone used to say that my mom and I looked like sisters/twins. In the 80s, epecially, when I was a teen/young 20-something, whenever we went out together, we got stares galore. It was even worse when her sister, my Aunt Helen went with us. I'll never forget when a guy at K-mart rammed his shopping cart into a pole because he was staring over his shoulder at the three us. I guess I thought that I bore a resemblance to my mom, but I'd never thought that we just especially LOOKED ALIKE, and certainly not "OMG, you two must be sisters!"
Today, I was proven wrong. I was going through some more old photos. I found this one of my mother, and I thought it was me. Granted, she is getting into my car, and that kind threw me, but when I first glanced at it, I totally thought it was a picture of me.

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We even stand the same way. (This one really is me.) Oh, and look at that. I'm holding a bottle of hairspray. Go figure!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So, yes. I totally admit now that I looked like my mother. With her new short hairdo, I don't think we really resemble each other so much now, as when we both had big blonde hair. But we definitely do have many of the same features. And I am seeing now that our body types are nearly identical (we're even the same height.) So, I guess I know what I'll look like when I'm 59, huh? :-)
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At one in the morning, here they are.  Good grief.  Some of these photos just did NOT want to cooperate. 

A preview.  Unfortunately, Melora's microphone was planted firmly in front of her face for almost the entire show, and the crowd (and speakers) were so that I couldn't maneuver over to get any better ones.  But, I was within a couple of  feet of Zoe, so I have some primo pictures of her.  But first....all three:


And a whole lot more... )


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