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I can't believe that it's coming up on the one-year anniversary of Sabrina's death.

I still sometimes can't believe that she's gone and I still miss her so much. But it's weird. I adopted Trouble shortly after she passed away, not to "replace" her, but just because I felt that I needed to. General was literally mourning himself sick, and I felt this incredible void that just had to be filled. Misty and Oreo still both rue the day I brought him home, and neither of them can really even tolerate him, but they didn't care so awfully much for Sabrina either, so what else is new.

The reason I bring up Trouble, however, is that I firmly believe that Sabrina's spirit somehow inhabited him. In other words, I think, when I went to the Washington County Humane Society that fateful day, I didn't choose him as much as he chose me.

I wanted a holding kitty. What I mean by that is, General likes to hop up on my lap, and the girls will occasionally snug with me if I'm sitting or lying down. But none of the three like me to pick them up and hold them. Sabrina, however, would've probably happily lived in my arms 24/7 if it had been practical. She loved for me to carry her around and would curl up in a little ball underneath my chin and just stay there, purring like a baby kitten. The day I went to the shelter, I was specifically looking for a kitty that wanted to, and enjoyed being held. I picked up every cat there, I think. Some of them tolerated being held, some of them seemed to genuinely enjoy it, while others wriggled out of my arms almost immediately. Trouble (who was at that time called Tiger) melted into my arms just like Sabrina used to do. And he stayed there. Eventually I turned him over so that I was holding him on his back like a baby, and he fell asleep. I sat at the animal shelter for about half an hour and let him sleep while I held him, and it was at that time that I realized I needed him as much as he needed me.

Fast forward one year, the resemblances between Trouble and Sabrina are remarkable. They share some of the same crazy traits that no other cat I've ever had, will do. Case in point: plastic shopping bags. Used to be, whenever I'd bring in bag of groceries, Sabrina would stick her head and feet through the armholes of the bag and walk around the house like Superman in his cape. She'd do this for 15-20 minutes, until she tired of it, then she'd wiggle back out and I'd put the bag away. Recently, I was putting up groceries, and forgot one of my bags on the floor. A little later, I was watching TV in bed when I heard a crinkling sound coming up the stairs. I swear, it was Trouble wearing one of my shopping bags.

You want another weird example? I just recently got a hula hoop (unfortunately not one of the weighted dance/exercise hoops like I was wanting, but it does the trick.) It was laying in the middle of my bedroom floor the other day when I noticed Trouble snoozing inside it. Guess who else used to sleep in my hula hoop?

Everyone used to say that Sabrina looked like a lion. She didn't have a typical "cat nose" sort of turned up at the end. Her nose sort of pointed downward, more like a C-shape. Trouble has almost the exact same nose.

It's eerie how much he reminds me of her. Oh, and there's of course, the fact that from day one, he made torturing Oreo his mission in life. Sabrina also used to enjoy this. I just have to think this is all more than coincidence. I'm a big believer that things happen for a reason, and like I said, I'm pretty sure that there was a big reason Trouble and I found each other that day.

On August 19, it will be one year that I lost Sabrina. I still grieve for her almost every day and find myself tearing up when I see pictures of her. I think most of you were on my friends list last year when she died, but if you were not, or don't remember, she passed away under anasthesia while having her teeth cleaned. One of her teeth had actually fallen out, which is what precipitated our visit to the vet. Upon arriving, I was told that she had Stage 3 periodonatal disease that needed immediate attention. She needed to have the hole stitched up where the tooth had fallen out, and the others needed cleaning. Sabrina had asthma from the time she was a kitten. I was concerned about her going under anasthesia, since she was asthmatic, but I was assured every precaution would be taken. However, on the operating table, she stopped breathing, had a heart attack and was dead in the span of a few minutes. I got to the animal hospital three minutes after she died, and I'd also made the decision to leave her there overnight, rather than taking her home with me, then taking her back the next morning for the surgery/cleaning. I still have not totally forgiven myself for that decision...the fact that she spent her last night alive in a strange place, in a cage, with cats she did not know, rather than sleeping in my bed with me. I know that logically, I had no way of knowing she wouldn't be coming home the next day, but all honesty, I did have a really bad feeling. I just knew something was going to happen, so I still blame myself for not bringing her home that night.

OK, well, this has just been depressing. As if there wasn't enough depressing stuff going on already. But the good thing is, I do believe with every ounce of my being that Trouble was brought to me to fill the void that Sabrina had left, and he has done so in spades.
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I can't resist. Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?



The cuteness factor is simply unbearable. Now if I could just get him to stop chasing Oreo every time she breathes.
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The other day, [ profile] nonspecific (who saw him in person. said that Trouble looked like he could be part Bengal. Then when I posted my new pics of him, [ profile] lostcrackerjack made the same comment. So, I started doing some research. It would appear that they might be right. I don't think he *is* purebred Bengal, but he definitely has some of the traits, tendencies and appearance. His markings are very clearly defined, moreso than those of a "regular" tabby. His fur is extremely soft, almost pelt-like, and it actually feels spongy in places, definitely different than any other kitty I've ever had. Up until now, Oreo was the softest kitty I'd ever had, and she feels like bunny fur. Trouble's fur is different, but exceptionally soft and lush, almost like a microfiber stuffed animal or something.

But what gave it away, was the meow. Apparently Bengals have a "chirp-like" meow, not like that of a regular cat. I always mock Trouble's voice, and say "when are you gonna get a real meow?" I thought it was just because he was a kitten and his voice hadn't matured yet, but he's seven months old now and still sounds like an excited squeaky toy. Bengals also tend to like water, and he is fascinated by everything that contains water...the sink, the toilet, the bathtub, his water dish. I posted the picture of him the other day dibbling his paws in the water dish. It's not uncommon for him to be wet up to his elbows (do cats have elbows?) from playing in some sort of water. And he loves to perch on the edge of the bathtub when I'm taking a bath and dunk his feet into the water. The flushing of the toilet absolutely enthralls him and he will come running from another room when he hears me flush.

They are also known for being exceptionally affectionate and loving of attention. Trouble literally has to be ON me if we're in the same room, most of the time. I thought General was an attention hog (I've often said that he thinks the sole purpose I ever sit down is to make him a lap), but I believe that Trouble is even more of a mommy's boy, if that's possible.

His markings made me curious, but after reading about Bengals, I think he just might have some Bengal ancestry. Like I said, I can't imagine he's purebred, or surely he wouldn't have wound up at the shelter (of course, you never know.) But he's a sweet kitty (most of the time), and it's just sort of interesting to think that he might be a "type" of cat, rather than a regular kittycat. Then again, Oreo is half Himalayan, has never set foot outdoors in her life, and looks like a total princess, yet she's the one who eats dirt and hair. I guess there's no accounting for background or breeding, huh?

And since everyone seemed to enjoy the pictures the other day, here...have a few (ok, a bunch) more.

I'm pretty sure he knows how adorable he is.

Toil and Trouble. )
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By popular request (OK, like 3 or 4 people have asked), here are some updated kitty pictures. New Kitty On the Block isn't so new anymore. I've now had him for over four months, and he's approximately seven months old. When I brought him home from the shelter, he was a paltry three pounds. He now tips the scale at almost nine pounds and is still growing like a weed. He's very lean and muscular and has the most gigantic feet and ears I've ever seen. If he grows into them, he's going to be the size of a tiger.

I was trying to get a good picture of him and General together, for comparison. General has actually lost a bit of weight, down from 17 pounds, to about 15. I've had them on a higher protein diet, and that seems to be helping the pudge. Still, he's a big boy, and Trouble is rapidly gaining on him.


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