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bluesilverkdg ([personal profile] bluesilverkdg) wrote2017-01-09 02:35 pm

Friends, where you at?

I just realized I am coming up on my 13th LJversary! Holy cow. That does not seem possible. I still remember my first entry like it was yesterday. A bird had gotten into my house in Knoxville, and I was so scared that I locked myself (and Dexter dog) in the bedroom while the cats did battle with the bird. That memory is still so vivid.

I was really confused as to why no one commented on that post when I first made it. It didn't dawn on me that I had no one on my friends list, and belonged to no communities to reach out to anyone. D'oh.

So today, I'm stuck at home for Day Three of snowmageddon. Actually it's more like icemageddon, which is far worse, I think. I got out yesterday and went to the grocery store, which is approximately two miles from our house. Sweat was actually running down my wrists, from the palms of my hands, I was so stressed out. There's a stretch of road between here and the grocery store that is treacherous on ice, but I'd hoped that it might have melted a bit yesterday. That was a foolish thought. I seriously almost ran off the road two times, and I think I'm a fairly decent driver in inclement weather (unlike some of my comrades, who thought that gunning the engine, then slamming on the brakes in ice was a smart idea.) So, I'm just staying tucked in today, because after a grand total of 3 degrees overnight, let's suffice to say the ice is actually worse today. Bah.

Anyhoo - I checked my friends list this morning at around, I dunno...8ish or so? Then I checked again just now at about 2, and found that not one single person had updated in between except a few people who post their tweets and I simply do not understand those.
Anyone done or partaken in a friending frienzy lately? I did one a few years ago and gained some super cool people, then I dropped off the map again, which I regret. Since it looks like I'm going to be doing plenty of backstories on where the heck I've been and what I've been doing over the last few years, I might as well throw a few new people into the mix, yes?

All righty. I got an Instant Pot for a belated Christmas present (it was "from" my dad, though he had no idea of how/which one to buy, so he just gave me a gift certificate and it got here last week.) I'm going to go cook stuff in it and stare depressively at this mess in our yard. Raven (my German shepherd) just went out to chase a squirrel and absolutely wiped out when she tried to stop running. There's a thick coating of ice on top of the snow and evidently her brakes were not good for that.

I may be back around here later on!

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