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In all my photo posts, I totally forgot to talk about my intake this Christmas! I got gifts that would've mortified me as a kid. One year, my dad bought something like a blender for my mom as a Christmas present, and I fussed at him for buying her "mom gifts." I thought he should be getting her things like perfume and jewelry and clothes. This year, I got a slew of "mom gifts" and I love every one of them.

My haul:
A deep fryer (for making those yummy pickles.)
A touchless can opener (as seen on TV!)
A bag resealer (which is the most awesome thing since sliced bread.)
A jar opener
A new set of cookware (complete with lids, [ profile] nonspecific !!)
Two more cookbooks for my collection
A vegetable chopper (also as seen on TV!!)
Bath towels
TV Guide Book Of Lists
Vanilla Bean Noel Lotion (Bath and Body Works)
A big tote bag for work
A potpourri infuser thingie
Some cushywarm house slippers
A set of makeup bags
Gift cards galore... Bath and Body Works, Walmart and Chili's. I've already used the B&B Works and Walmart cards, and put a big dent in the Chili's card.

A spectacular year, I must say. I can slice, dice, chop, cook and deep fry..and then seal up the bag when I'm done. And if you need any jars or cans opened, I'm your girl! We opened our gifts on Christmas Eve, so I kept asking mom "do you need anything chopped? Do you need any bags sealed up?" :-P I finally did get to chop some onions for the dressing for Christmas Day.

The bad thing about getting the deep fryer is, I have vowed to get back to my healthy eating ways. I have strayed badly, these last few months (plus I've not been jogging or walking at ALL at the park.) I have, however, learned the fine art of deep-frying, which has done little for my waistline. My yearly doctor's appointment is a week from Thursday, and I know she's gonna yell at me because I've gained weight. So, today, I made baked tilapia, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, mashed potatoes (made with nonfat yogurt instead of butter) and a spinach salad for dinner. It was good and filling, and I very much enjoyed my meal. But now I have a deep fryer and those pickles are just calllling to me! :-/ Ah well. I'll still indulge every now and then. But I don't need to continue making them four times per week.

So, anyway. That was my gift list. What did Santa bring for you this year?


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