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2011-04-15 11:30 am
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Really? REALLY?!!?

I was looking around on the interwebz for legitimate work-at-home jobs. Yes, I know, I know, but I figure there have to be SOME out there, right? So I found a site that looked reasonably not shady and checked it out. There was some good information, along with the usual links and helpful hints.

I'm fine with the job I've got, but y'know, in this economy we could all use a little boost, plus I need something to do with all that spare time I've got every day. The truth is, I have always been intrigued by the premise of actually making a living writing or reading, or any combination of the two. A link for proofreading jobs caught my eye. Ohhhh! People are always telling me that I should be a proofreader. Almost every time I pick up a newspaper, I spot an error, and I know I bug the crap out of Steven with my incessant yammering about finding misspellings on signs and such. So I clicked the link. The actual jobs sound decent enough. There's no fee, they actually would pay ME, not vice-versa. And there's no promise of "MAKE $5000 A DAY DOING NOTHING!!!!!!!!OMG!!!" But what caught my eye was the lead-in before the jobs. This is what it said: Proofreading Jobs These jobs may sound simple to do but they are not as easy as it seems, you have to have attention to detail, you have to be good in english, spellings and grammar. A proofreaders jobs is the most important job as he does the final correction to a document before it is published. So if you are confident and you fit the requirements then check out the companies. If you get this right you can earn a full time income.

There was another one that said essentially the same thing, but was actually a bit worse: There is a massive requirement of proofreaders online, but the supply of proofreaders is on a decline, that is why we rate this as one of the top work from home job opportunities, Let us explain for the benefit of those who don’t know what a proof-reader is suppose to do.

In simple language a proof-reader checks and edits errors like spellings, grammar etc of a piece of writing or content before it is published. To do this job you should be fairly good with you spellings, english and grammar and should have attention to detail, if you enjoy reading then you will find this job much easier to do. These jobs pay really well and if you establish yourself as a professional proof-reader, the sky can be the limit.


Well, I sure am glad that I'm good with spellings! I also understand the function of a PERIOD as opposed to a comma or a semicolon. Good Lord, seriously?!

I'm almost wondering if this is some sort of test? Maybe if I call them up and tell them that I found at least seventeen errors in their marketing spiel, they'll realize I know what I'm talking about?

I'm just... woah.. I have no words.