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You know that pretty painted tile that you often see in Mexican restaurants? Does anyone know if that's just regular old tile? Or is it a specific kind, made just for painting? I'm thinking it's most likely an unglazed, terra cotta that would absorb paint, right?

Let's say you had a bathroom in an old house that had really crappy looking pink tile...oh, kinda like this:

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Does anyone know if it's possible to paint tile like that, since it's already been glazed? Like, with just white, glossy paint? Or would that putrid pink come right through the paint? If it can't be painted, can anyone else offer any potential remedies for getting rid of putrid pink tile, that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg?

My realtor sent me the official listings for both the houses that I posted about yesterday. One is 4 BRs, 2 baths (and sells for $99,000). The other is 3 BR, 1.5 baths ($89,000). I'm almost leaning toward the 3 BR, though, as for things I like (with the exception of the putrid pink tile. Yuck.)

Pros of the 3 BR: It has a fenced-in yard. The kitchen is OK. Not great, but bigger than many kitchens in houses of that era. The kitchen also has a full pantry. There are gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the house, that look to be in excellent condition, although the bedrooms are carpeted. There's a front porch. The rooms mostly have neutral colors, as for paint.
Cons of the 3 BR: It has a garage, but it's detached, and I'm not sure if it's a full-sized garage (as in, "will my car fit in it?") There's no outdoor living space in the back, such as a deck. And there's this putrid pink tile. Plus, only 1.5 baths. Guests would have to share my bathroom.

Pros of the 4 BR: There are four bedrooms. Duh. And an "office" downstairs. Space galore. There's an extra full bath for guests. There's a lot of storage space, especially for an older home. It has a nice deck in the back. The garage is attached to the house (it's a drive-under garage, that leads into the basement) and appears to be full-size. There's an awesome huge deck, that would be perfect for grilling and having guests over in the summertime. The existing landscaping is very nice.
Cons of the 4 BR: The kitchen is bad. Not only is it small, with little storage, it's laid out very awkwardly, and remodeling it could be quite costly. There is also tile in THIS house, only in this one, it's green, not pink. Like...lime green. And the tile is not only in the bathroom, but in the kitchen, as well. The yard is not fenced. There's no front porch.

The lot size is identical in both houses..60 ft. wide, by 150 ft. long, and there's about an equal space of unfinished basement (approximately 300 sq. feet) in both houses. They are very equivalent in a lot of ways. Why were people in the early '50s so all fired up about that nasty tile, I wonder? And does anyone have any ideas as to what to do with it, if I do acquire either of these houses? I'm going to look at both of them over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Geez, how is the weekend over already??!


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