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Dec. 20th, 2007 10:38 pm
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As many of you know, I'm big into misunderstood song lyrics. Not only are they funny, I genuinely believe half of what I hear. But I also have difficulty in everyday conversation. I can *hear* just fine. In fact, I have excellent hearing. It's the comprehension that gets me.

So, tonight I was talking to my parents on the phone (mom gets one phone, dad gets the other.) We were talking about food, cooking for Christmas dinner, etc. etc. I remembered that I had a jug of milk in the fridge that I needed to finish. My mom usually doesn't buy milk unless either I'm coming home, or she is going to use it for a specific recipe. They just aren't milk drinkers. I, on the other hand, usually drink it like it's going out of style. But this past week, I've not been eating cereal, and for whatever reason, just haven't drank as much as normal. So I'd told her I'd bring the remainder of my jug of milk home with me, so she didn't have to buy one. She then informed me that she already had some, so that wouldn't be necessary. What she actually SAID next was "I've been using more milk than usual, but then again, I've made big breakfasts."

What I HEARD was "I've been using more milk than usual, but then again, I MIGHT BE PREGNANT."

Needless to say, I was a bit shocked. So I asked her what she'd said, and she then told me that she'd been making big breakfasts, with gravy, eggs, biscuits, etc., so she'd been using more milk. Yeah, that makes a lot more sense.

I thought for a minute we had a true Christmas miracle on our hands. The woman is 60 years old and has been spayed. Plus, I've been an only child for 39 years. If I had a sibling now, I'd probably kill it.


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