Nov. 3rd, 2011

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..years ago, someone gave me a Nativity set for Christmas. (Did I tell you this story already? If so, I apologize. I'm getting old and senile.) Anyway, there were many small pieces to the Nativity set, much to the cats' delight. After Christmas, I found Wise Men under the dining room table, sheep in bedroom, etc., etc. I finally had found every piece of the Nativity set, except for the Baby Jesus. He was missing and nowhere to be found. I went ahead and put the rest of the set back in the box, and stored it away with my other ornaments and decorations.

Months later...March, was in the spring, I was cleaning house and talking to my friend Terri on the phone. Because I'm the multi-tasker like that. So, I'm cradling the phone between my chin and shoulder, running the dustmop over the hardwoods in the guest room, when all of a sudden, I heard a *clink* from underneath the piano. I bent over to investigate, when I realized what it was!

"I just found Jesus!", I shouted into the phone. After a few seconds of silence, Terri asked "you did?"
"Yeah, in the guest room! He was under the piano!"

I then realized, she did not understand it was Nativity Jesus, not the real deal.

We have since had a bunch of good laughs about finding Jesus in the guest room. If only more people knew to look under the piano, perhaps more souls could be saved.



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