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Anyone who is reading this, and considering adding me to your friends list, please do me a favor and introduce yourself here first? Just tell me a bit about yourself, why you'd like to be added, etc. Kthnx. I don't check my friends list every day (or even every week. Who does?), so I might miss you. Plus, I have to wonder who you are and where you came from if you just magically appear on my list with no introduction. If you found me through a mutual friend, tell me. If you found me through a community, tell me. If you channeled me via the Psychic Network, I'd really love to hear about that.
All righty. Much appreciated. Carry on!!

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I just realized I am coming up on my 13th LJversary! Holy cow. That does not seem possible. I still remember my first entry like it was yesterday. A bird had gotten into my house in Knoxville, and I was so scared that I locked myself (and Dexter dog) in the bedroom while the cats did battle with the bird. That memory is still so vivid.

I was really confused as to why no one commented on that post when I first made it. It didn't dawn on me that I had no one on my friends list, and belonged to no communities to reach out to anyone. D'oh.

So today, I'm stuck at home for Day Three of snowmageddon. Actually it's more like icemageddon, which is far worse, I think. I got out yesterday and went to the grocery store, which is approximately two miles from our house. Sweat was actually running down my wrists, from the palms of my hands, I was so stressed out. There's a stretch of road between here and the grocery store that is treacherous on ice, but I'd hoped that it might have melted a bit yesterday. That was a foolish thought. I seriously almost ran off the road two times, and I think I'm a fairly decent driver in inclement weather (unlike some of my comrades, who thought that gunning the engine, then slamming on the brakes in ice was a smart idea.) So, I'm just staying tucked in today, because after a grand total of 3 degrees overnight, let's suffice to say the ice is actually worse today. Bah.

Anyhoo - I checked my friends list this morning at around, I dunno...8ish or so? Then I checked again just now at about 2, and found that not one single person had updated in between except a few people who post their tweets and I simply do not understand those.
Anyone done or partaken in a friending frienzy lately? I did one a few years ago and gained some super cool people, then I dropped off the map again, which I regret. Since it looks like I'm going to be doing plenty of backstories on where the heck I've been and what I've been doing over the last few years, I might as well throw a few new people into the mix, yes?

All righty. I got an Instant Pot for a belated Christmas present (it was "from" my dad, though he had no idea of how/which one to buy, so he just gave me a gift certificate and it got here last week.) I'm going to go cook stuff in it and stare depressively at this mess in our yard. Raven (my German shepherd) just went out to chase a squirrel and absolutely wiped out when she tried to stop running. There's a thick coating of ice on top of the snow and evidently her brakes were not good for that.

I may be back around here later on!
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He has discovered the cat tree.


Does he think he's hiding from me? Maybe. This morning, Oreo had her head underneath the bedskirt, but her whole back, butt and tail were sticking out. When I called her name, she jerked her head out and looked at me like "how'd you see me?!??! I was hiding!"


I may need to get a bigger tree. Oy! He's got quite a sizable butt. The rest of him is none too small, also.


And a pretty one outside, with the snow in the background.

In other, non-cat-related news, I have been doing great at the gym! Last night, I managed to stay for two classes, one yoga/pilates, and one core strength training. I never knew how many different versions of plank position you could do. I'm pretty sure last night, we did them all. Tonight I'm going to spin class, which I am SO looking forward to. I just needed that goal to work towards. I cannot be trusted to do anything, when left open-ended. I have to have a point of motivation to even function in this life, evidently, but that's OK. I've learned my strengths and weaknesses by this point.

And now, to lunch we go.
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..years ago, someone gave me a Nativity set for Christmas. (Did I tell you this story already? If so, I apologize. I'm getting old and senile.) Anyway, there were many small pieces to the Nativity set, much to the cats' delight. After Christmas, I found Wise Men under the dining room table, sheep in bedroom, etc., etc. I finally had found every piece of the Nativity set, except for the Baby Jesus. He was missing and nowhere to be found. I went ahead and put the rest of the set back in the box, and stored it away with my other ornaments and decorations.

Months later...March, was in the spring, I was cleaning house and talking to my friend Terri on the phone. Because I'm the multi-tasker like that. So, I'm cradling the phone between my chin and shoulder, running the dustmop over the hardwoods in the guest room, when all of a sudden, I heard a *clink* from underneath the piano. I bent over to investigate, when I realized what it was!

"I just found Jesus!", I shouted into the phone. After a few seconds of silence, Terri asked "you did?"
"Yeah, in the guest room! He was under the piano!"

I then realized, she did not understand it was Nativity Jesus, not the real deal.

We have since had a bunch of good laughs about finding Jesus in the guest room. If only more people knew to look under the piano, perhaps more souls could be saved.

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Judging from the cacophony going on upstairs, that &%$#*@% mouse must be back. Why can't the cats just catch the damned thing. I'm not going to have a floor left, the way they're running back and forth on it.

No, I haven't gotten a trap yet. I was up sick half the night, felt like crap today and now I seriously don't feel like trekking out to the Seventh Circle of Hell (aka Walmart) to get one. So I'll just sit here and listen to the Indy 500 of Cats going on, and complain.
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Why, yes, I am up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, but believe you me, it's not because I want to be. No, I am listening to the melodious strains of Oreo running back and forth through the house, up and down the stairs, in and out breakneck speed. The mouse is back.

Tuesday night (I think it was Tuesday?) I drank a Coke fairly late at night. This was a mistake, because (a) I rarely have sodas at all, especially caffeinated ones (b) I had it fairly late at night. Oh, well...that's the night I was up posting at 2am. Yeah! You remember that! Then later that night, I realized that both of my cats were hanging out a LOT downstairs. This is normal for Oreo, not normal for Misty. She rarely comes downstairs, so I figured something had to be up. And it was. We had mouseage.

For most people, this might be a mild inconvenience or annoyance. In my mind, however, I might as well have a disease-infested, sabre-toothed, flame-throwing monster hanging out in my bedroom, because that's pretty much what I think of mice, and rodents in general. I don't like them. No, let's be frank. I hate them. Loathe. Despise. Want to eradicate off the face of the earth.

I don't even like those so-called "cute" ones that you can put in a cage and feed carrots to. Guinea pigs? Hamsters? NO THANK YOU. I never even trusted the freakin' chinchilla they made me get for my five-year-olds when I was teaching pre-K. I was not an advocate of keeping a rodent in the room. All it did was lull those children into a false sense of security, that it or its cousins would not come into your bedroom at night and eat your eyes out. Because they will.

So, let's suffice to say, having a mouse IN MY BEDROOM is not my ideal situation. I'm normally about the biggest pacifist that you'll find. I don't even want to step on a spider. But a mouse? Heck yeah, I'd take that puppy out with an uzi if I could. That said, I probably will not set traps, not because I give a crap about the mouse, but I don't want to have to deal with the carnage later. The thought of having to pick up a trap with a dead and possibly dismembered mouse in it absolutely turns my stomach.

I don't know if my cats are just not doing the job, if they're too old and slow to properly hunt or if they're just toying with it so they can move in for the kill later. Whatever the case, I wish they'd get down to it and just catch the darned thing. Although, that will probably involve dealing with mouse carnage too, perhaps strewn about my house. Blech. Knowing them, they'd probably present the leftovers to me as a love offering. On my bedroom slippers.

I wish the mouse would just realize "hey, there are two cats who live here who want to chase me! Maybe I should go infest another house!" And then it could share this realization with all its shady little mouse friends. And I feed not one, but TWO feral cats outside. Where are THEY when I need them? They should be guarding the points of entry, for God's sake.
I ask very little of my cats. I ask that they occasionally let them pet me, and that they be cute and cuddly. These are pretty easy tasks for any critter. It's not like they've ever had to earn their keep before. And isn't catching mice supposed to be fun and instinctive for cats? Or is it just the chasing that's fun? Because I tell you, they both seem to be having the time of their lives, however, the little turd keeps getting away. But then it comes back. Geez, maybe it's enjoying the game, too.

Have any of you used those ultrasonic sound thingies that you plug into walls? I've heard that while they can be effective for a bit, that eventually the mouse (or whatever) gets used to the sound and learns to ignore it. I refuse to put anything poisonous out in the garage, which is evidently their point of entry, because I don't want random dead mice around my house, getting into God-knows-what to spend their final hours, and I definitely don't want them tracking in anything that the cats might be able to ingest.

This mouse is going to be the death of me. The thing is scarcely two inches long, yet I have been living in terror for the past four days because of it. I will not let this rodent defeat me. I'd really like to get some more sleep on a rainy, cold Saturday morning, but if that thing went running across my bed, I sincerely believe I'd have a heart attack.

Have I mentioned how much I hate mice?

(In completely unrelated news, the song I'm listening to has spurred me to make a confession. I love Beyonce. I always have. I liked her OK in Destiny's Child, but solo (or with Jay-Z)? Heck yeah. Bring it. So, this song came on my player and I started singing along when I got to the line "gonna turn this puppy out." Then I thought "is that what it really says?" Given my penchant for misunderstood song lyrics, you never know. But I've been singing it that way for a while. So I conferred with the Google.
It's "turn this party out." I guess that makes more sense. I really think I'd rather turn this puppy out, though. I'm callin' all the girls. I see you look me up and down.)
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So, I have a new porch kitty. S/he is a small black kitty with a few little white markings. Unfortunately s/he is just as feral as my other porch kitty (who I haven't seen in a while, but hope is OK.) Other porch kitty disappeared for about a week, some time ago and I was so afraid something had happened to him (I'm quite confident PK #1 is a boy, but I have no clue of the gender of PK #2.) But he reemerged out of the blue, looking for food after about a week of no sightings.

I've decided to name the new porch kitty Ninja. S/he is mostly black, and I swear the cat can disappear while I'm actually standing there looking at it. Because this one is younger and doesn't seem QUITE as afraid as PK #1, I have hopes that s/he may be more easily domesticated, but we shall see. I've been wrong before.

Remember my raccoon? I found out that she is definitely a girl, and she has babehs. So, Bandito is now Bandita. She brought her crew around for dinner the other night and I was absolutely delighted to see the little ones.

Funny story as to how I found out she was a girl (and a mama, no less.) One night...well, 4am, I was awakened by a very loud banging sound. After I realized that my house was not being attacked, and managed to wake up a bit, I set out to find where the banging was coming from. I finally narrowed it down to the cat room, but both of the cats were just sitting there, also half asleep, with this "WTF?" look on their faces. That's when I noticed the window. My raccoon was spread eagle in the window, eating out of my bird feeder. Each time it scooped in, the bird feeder was banging on the window. She had taken the lid off, with her little raccoon fingers and was feasting on bird seeds. The feeder was very close (inches) from the window, so needless to say, it was pretty loud.

(Oreo illustrates the proximity of the bird feeder to the window.)


She had her belly totally pressed up to my window, so I could at that point, see that she was a nursing mama. I didn't want her to break my bird feeder (or my window) and, well...bird seed is expensive, so I was trying to dissuade the continued feeding. I beat on the window. She just looked at me. I got the flashlight and shone it in her eyes. Still, mild annoyance, but she stayed. I put my face right IN the window, so I was mere inches from her and she still just stared back like "can't you see I'm eating here?!" I actually took pictures, with flash. Nothing.



After she pretty much emptied my bird feeder (spilling half of it on the windowsill and on the deck), she finally scooted off, full and happy. The raccoon...a supposedly wild creature...will not leave when I want her to, but a domesticated animal like a cat won't come within 20 feet of me, even though I'm pretty sure that both of them have to have connected the dots that I'm the reason they HAVE food in the first place.

Nature is strange.

Got him!

Jul. 16th, 2011 06:49 pm
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I am so freakin' proud of my photography skillz lately, let me tell ya!

Porch kitty has been coming around for the past two months, but until now, I'd never been able to get a picture of him. I have found his weakness. Canned cat food. Normally, if he's eating and he sees me, even from far away, through the door and back in the living room, he skeedaddles. But evidently canned cat food is his Achilles heel and he is willing to sit still long enough to try and scarf it down, even with the imminent danger of Big Scary Human just around the corner. I *was* very quiet and very discreet while taking these, but I know he saw me a couple of times and he didn't run until he was through eating. He also brought me a gift while I was at the grocery store. A nice dead rat in my driveway. Yay?

So, here he is in all his flop-eared glory.


(Is it funny that Porch Kitty, who has probably never seen the inside of a house, used a litterbox or been petted by a human, is eating his food out of a Pfaltzgraff bowl?)

AND I also got this shot from the window of the cat room, right by their big kitty condo. Unbelievably, this was not using a zoom lens. The bird feeder is almost against the window, and I was right up on the other side of it, so the bird was RIGHT THERE. The cats have a real... birds-eye view. Ba dum ching.


Is that just the coolest thing? You can actually see the seed in its mouth. I'm learning a lot about birds and identifying them by sight and song, and according to the internets, this is a tufted titmouse. I have a lot of them, and they are quite fascinating. They'll take a seed, then fly off to the woods, come back, take another seed, fly off to the woods. I wish I could tell them "you'd get a lot more bang for your buck if you just sat here and ate..?" But they probably wouldn't listen. Evidently that is a trait of the tufted titmouse. They are nervous little birdies. And very territorial! I'd posted on Facebook recently about how birds were fighting over one feeder, when there were seven others with virtually the same seeds in them. It was these guys. Upon reading about them, it seems that they are mostly territorial during breeding season. So maybe I'm getting ready to have some babies.

So yeah, that's a bit more of my backyard zoo. It's Wild Kingdom around here.
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I was just listening to some ABBA, because I'm badass like that, and who really wants to go out on a Friday night anyway (in my defense, I actually WAS going to go out, but I have to be up super early in the morning), when "Take A Chance On Me" came on my player.

In case you lived in a cave (or weren't born yet) in 1978, this is the song. Or should I say, THE AWESOME.

For those of you who don't know, Swedish supergroup ABBA was my first favorite band. And they are still one of my favorite bands. All I have to do is think about them, and I feel compelled to go look up some of those sweet, sweet melodies. When I was 10, I wore flowers in my hair, and made my mother buy me long sweaters and scarves and tall suede boots so I could dress like ABBA. She drew the line at a silky dress, split from the neckline to the navel like on the cover of "Voulez Vous", but I'd have totally worn that, if I'd been allowed. I crimped my hair, too, but instead of looking like ABBA, I looked more like Roseanne Rosannadanna.

So, anyway, as I have reported before, my mis-hearing of song lyrics is often pretty epic. I've even persuaded friends to change the titles of songs, because I didn't understand them. When I was a kid, I was absolutely convinced that the first line in this song was not actually "if you change your mind, I'm the first in line, honey I'm still free, take a chance on me." No, I thought it was "if you change your mind, I'm the first in line, Olly Oxenfree, take a chance on me."

That is all.
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It's been an exciting time at Casa de Kimmy el Nuevo III.

I'd gotten this six-foot tall cat tree for the girls a month or so ago and was all excited about it. Sadly, I was evidently more excited about it than they were, because for the first month, they wouldn't go near it. I finally resorted to sprinkling catnip and treats on it, and lifting them up on the ledges. They were totally unimpressed.

Then, the other night I came in and couldn't find Misty. I searched the house up and down, when finally I realized the little rat was up on the kitty condo.


Yep, just pretty as you please, perched right up there.

Oreo finally decided that her sister didn't need to have all the fun, and she soon took up in it, too. There are pictures of that under the cut.

But last night, we had excitement of a different kind. I've written about my Porch Kitty that I feed outside? He usually comes by to eat around 9:30-10 or so. I try to catch a glimpse of him, but if he sees me, he runs off immediately. Still so wild. :-/ So last night, I see gray fur, a big bushy striped tail and....then I realize, it's not Porch Kitty. I had this little guy eating out of his bowl.


Then TODAY, I found this...


This place is like continual excitement.

But wait! There's moar! )
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This morning, something on the side of my house caught my eye. It was a moth. And not just any old moth, but one of the most cleverly camouflaged moths I've ever seen in my life. Here, have a picture.


Is that not gorgeous? And look at all the disguises it has. Not only is it green and sort of leaf shaped, but it looks to have a little twig on the top of its leaves...I mean wings, and its antlers are also shaped like wispy little leaves. That is one of the coolest things I've seen. Nature just fascinates me sometimes.

Look at how big it is. It's nearly the size of my hand. How awesome is that? It's gigantic!


(My commentary sounds like Randall discussing the nasty, bad ass honey badger. Honey badger don't care, it does what it wants.
NOT safe for work. Seriously.)


Speaking of fascinating nature, check out my rose. It's yellow!


It's pink! And yellow.



I have toes!

That's all on the same rose bush. It's just crazy how different the colors are. Some are solid yellow, some are solid pink, some are pink and yellow and some almost look orange. I love it! Love. It.

And this is the red, red rose growing wild in my backyard. There's also a ton of honeysuckle and mock orange growing back there, too. In the evening when it's really hot and humid, the air is thick with the perfume of hundreds of flowers. This is just blissful. Seriously, blissful.


Ahhhhhhh. I can't wait to have everyone over in a month for my housewarming shindig to show off all this beauty and love. ♥

Moths and flowers and critters on the porch. It just doesn't get much better than that.
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I was looking around on the interwebz for legitimate work-at-home jobs. Yes, I know, I know, but I figure there have to be SOME out there, right? So I found a site that looked reasonably not shady and checked it out. There was some good information, along with the usual links and helpful hints.

I'm fine with the job I've got, but y'know, in this economy we could all use a little boost, plus I need something to do with all that spare time I've got every day. The truth is, I have always been intrigued by the premise of actually making a living writing or reading, or any combination of the two. A link for proofreading jobs caught my eye. Ohhhh! People are always telling me that I should be a proofreader. Almost every time I pick up a newspaper, I spot an error, and I know I bug the crap out of Steven with my incessant yammering about finding misspellings on signs and such. So I clicked the link. The actual jobs sound decent enough. There's no fee, they actually would pay ME, not vice-versa. And there's no promise of "MAKE $5000 A DAY DOING NOTHING!!!!!!!!OMG!!!" But what caught my eye was the lead-in before the jobs. This is what it said: Proofreading Jobs These jobs may sound simple to do but they are not as easy as it seems, you have to have attention to detail, you have to be good in english, spellings and grammar. A proofreaders jobs is the most important job as he does the final correction to a document before it is published. So if you are confident and you fit the requirements then check out the companies. If you get this right you can earn a full time income.

There was another one that said essentially the same thing, but was actually a bit worse: There is a massive requirement of proofreaders online, but the supply of proofreaders is on a decline, that is why we rate this as one of the top work from home job opportunities, Let us explain for the benefit of those who don’t know what a proof-reader is suppose to do.

In simple language a proof-reader checks and edits errors like spellings, grammar etc of a piece of writing or content before it is published. To do this job you should be fairly good with you spellings, english and grammar and should have attention to detail, if you enjoy reading then you will find this job much easier to do. These jobs pay really well and if you establish yourself as a professional proof-reader, the sky can be the limit.


Well, I sure am glad that I'm good with spellings! I also understand the function of a PERIOD as opposed to a comma or a semicolon. Good Lord, seriously?!

I'm almost wondering if this is some sort of test? Maybe if I call them up and tell them that I found at least seventeen errors in their marketing spiel, they'll realize I know what I'm talking about?

I'm just... woah.. I have no words.
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Copied via [ profile] annietopia, [ profile] ghost_light and their friend [ profile] psychgurl.

Okay, I've decided to do it - I decided to have a go at my own friending frenzy. I'm looking to add a few new friends to keep things active around here.

For those of you who haven't seen one before here's the deal:

1.) Post a comment to this entry giving a little bit of information about you, your interests, what sort of friends you're after, etc...
2.) Read the comments other people have left and reply to those you would like to add
3.) Advertise the frenzy on your own journal so more people come to join in
4.) Add lots of new friends and have fun
5.) As the host you don't have to add me and, if I don't feel common ground, I don't have to add you. However, if you do want to add me, just let me know in your comment
6.) The friendzy will remain a public entry.

I haven't added anyone new in a pretty long time, but would like to, just to keep it alive in here. I missed LJ so much during the time that I was absent, but hopefully am back in full force now. I feel kinda silly doing a bio of myself here, because I'd imagine most of you know about anything you want to know about me. But if you've got a question, just ask in comments and I'll do my best to answer.

So, friend away. Hopefully I'll get some new people on my list, and you might find some new friends as well. And I don't even know if I'm doing this right! I've never done one of these. I guess to those of you looking for new people, you link this entry on your own journal, so potential new friends can find me? And my friends comment, so y'all can see each other and see if there's anyone on my own list that you might be interested in getting to know? Do I have this right? :-P Just trying to be a good hostess!
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I REALLY hate that my first entry in two months ( has been that long) has to be a sad one, but alas..

January 1997 ~ August 2010


Yesterday morning, my precious General passed away. It was a little unexpected, but not totally. I had noticed in the last few weeks, that he'd dropped a bit of weight. Not enough to see casually, but I thought he was looking a bit thinner than usual. I made homemade cat food to try and get some weight back on him, and he ate everything in the house voraciously. But he was still just sort of maintaining a slightly lower weight than I was used to seeing. I'd also noticed him sneezing sometimes. However, the last bit, as you can imagine has been hectic, and getting him to a vet unfortunately took a back seat. (Mom fell last week, and that resulted in another trip to the hospital.) Plus, he just didn't *seem* sick. Up until just a few days ago, he was the same frisky, playful kitty I've always known and loved. In fact, just last week, he was chasing the laser pointer around the living room, plowing head-first into furniture, then coming right back for more. But Sunday night, he seemed off. Yesterday morning, he seemed REALLY off, and I'd determined he definitely needed to see the doctor. His breathing seemed labored and his purr was raspy and that really, really concerned me. I actually was planning to go to an oncology appointment with mom, so my intention was to take him to the vet right after.

We never made it that far. When I came in from mom's appointment, he was lying in my bedroom, in a pile of my clothes that needed to be washed. He looked like he was taking a nap. It saddens me that even in his dying moment, he wanted to be near something of mine that smelled like me, but it also warms my heart. People might say that animals can't feel love, but I beg to differ on this. General loved me. I know it as well as I know the sky is blue. He loved me, and I loved him. And yesterday, I knew, just intuitively knew, that he was a lot sicker than I'd originally thought, but it was too late by that time. I had a bad feeling as I was driving home from the doctor's office to get him, but I don't think I realized it was THAT bad.

My world lost a little (OK, a lot) of its light yesterday morning. While mom has been sick, he has been a constant source of comfort. The girls and Trouble are always around, and yes, sometimes they pick me up when I'm feeling sad. But General was always, always, always there for me. When I would cry, which I've done a lot of lately, he would curl up right under my chin and bop his head against my face. He gave me kitty kisses on the nose every time he climbed on my lap. He was truly my baby and he was extremely special to me. Cats are often aloof and independent, and while they like having their humans around, they can do without them. I think General needed me, and my God, I needed him. I still do and I have to say, it will be tough making it through the coming months and years without him next to me. We've been through it all divorce, job loss, moves, mom's illness, deaths of other family members, both human and animal... My constant companion for 13 years. We had a bond that words fail to describe.

My title comes from the fact that, for as long as I can remember, General slept on the pillow to the right-hand side of me. It was "his" side of the bed, and I rarely used that pillow to sleep on. At night, if I'd been reading or watching TV in bed, and had all the pillows propped up behind my back, he would wait patiently for me to put his pillow down, then he'd climb up on it and go to sleep next to me. Seeing that empty pillow this morning was really hard to take.


Someone said yesterday that they wondered if he waited until after I was gone to die. And I think that may have been the case, or maybe it was just coincidental timing. But I have a suspicion he laid down for that final nap right after I left the house. Even then, he didn't want me to see him struggling. He was truly a special boy, and there shall never be another like him.

(And it just struck me yesterday, that the two-year anniversary of Sabrina's death was last week, the 18th. They were best friends from the day I brought her home, and while he bonded with Trouble, and obviously loved my two remaining girls, I don't think he ever stopped missing Sabrina. One of the few things that comforts me through this is the hope that maybe the two of them have finally been reunited.)

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Well, yes, it IS important. I'm pretty sure the results of this poll reveal some sort of major personality traits.

[Poll #1536989]

For the record, I'm pretty adamantly anti-dunking. For one thing, I don't want no soggy Oreos. For another, crumbs in my milk is just YUCK.
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I have been in SUCH an '80s mood lately. OK, I'm pretty much always in an '80s mood, but lately, it's been even moreso.

Last night, I dreamed that I went to see Berlin in concert. I wanted to hear stuff like "Masquerade", "Sex (I'm A...)" and "No More Words", but everyone in the audience, who appeared to be about 25 years old, was shouting "play 'Take My Breath Away!'", because of course, that IS the song that Berlin is most known for. It kills me when a band gets tagged as sort of a one-hit wonder when they're just NOT. They had some darned good songs long before freakin' Top Gun came along. But I digress..

Anyway, that's a pet peeve of mine in real life, and evidently it bugs me in my dreams, too. Oh, but the funny thing? When I woke up after dreaming of seeing Berlin, I was speaking German. Woah, what? Not fluent German (I WISH), but it's like those years of German class in high school and college were all flooding back to me in the early morning hours. I looked out the window and thought "wie ist das Weather heute?" And then I told myself the weather was sort of meh and der Himmel wast grau.

I promise I haven't been smoking anything, illicit or otherwise.

I feel strangely back to my old self, unlike the new self of late, that I wasn't liking or enjoying being very much. Yessir, hopefully the old me is back. Maybe that new/old me will actually post on here on a regular basis, too, because that's totally what the old me did.

Now, it's quiz time! Who can tell me (without cheating and using Google) what epic (in my mind anyway) '80s movie this song was used in? I'll even be more specific. What shower scene in what epic '80s movie was this song used in?

My goodness, but I had such a crush on Tony James and his massive pink and black hair back in 1986. See, I even gave you the year the movie was from, too. There's no way you can't get this!!

(Answers are screened to give everyone a fair shake.)

Happy Monday LJ!!!!!!!!!!


Feb. 13th, 2010 11:56 am
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Yarrrggghhh...I can't believe that the biggest holiday of the year is upon us again.

That's right, kids. Half Price Candy Day, February 15.

I'll be in line just after midnight on Sunday, if you need me.
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(For the record, I'm pulling for the Colts, primarily due to Peyton being a former Vol. However, I'm glad to see the Saints there, and wouldn't be TOTALLY sad if they win. Cinderella story and all. Still...GO COLTS!!!!)

[Poll #1520814]
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So, since the last post, which contained photographic evidence actually got some attention, here are a few more recent pics taken by [ profile] misterx. Can I tell you how nice it is to have friends who will just basically follow you around with a camera? It's pretty awesome.

No idea what was going on in either of these, but I'm quite certain I was explaining something that is over the heads of most mere mortals.



One of the things that I love the most about his photos? He has this innate ability to give me cleavage where there usually is none. Look at those boobs. No, seriously. LOOK. At. Them. His camera is better than a Wonderbra.



And check out that lack of cuttage again. My GOD, I'm such a rebel.
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The other day, [ profile] nonspecific posted her pictures that were taken at [ profile] headbanger118's birthday party, and as usual, they were vastly superior to mine.

This one in particular, kinda made me giggle, but not for an obvious reason. Upon first glance, it just looks like a picture of me holding Trouble (with a big thread on my arm that I keep fighting the urge to pull off, because, well...I can't.) But look closer. In reality, that is [ profile] melanie and [ profile] misterx's daughter's hair. It looks exactly like Trouble has sprouted an angel wing. Of all my kitties, I think he's probably the least likely to be any sort of angelic.


One more. This kinda personifies my relationship with [ profile] headbanger118. When we get together, we're silly like a couple of little kids and manage to always make the other laugh. And I'd say that's the sign of a good friend.


Yeah, I'm being all mavericky and not using a cut. Because I wonder how many people even read this anymore anyway.


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