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Last year, I wrote an entry about going to the dentist when I was a kid, and how much I enjoyed it. Well, I think I enjoyed the free drugs more than actually going to the dentist. (That's here if you'd like a refresher:

I just saw this "David After Dentist" video that's floating around, where the kid is being recorded after having a tooth removed. He's high as a kite and says things like "Is this real life?" Yeah, David. I hear ya. I'm just so glad my mom didn't have a video camera on me when I got out of the dentist. I'd have probably been a YouTube sensation.

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In other YouTube news, HOW??? praytell, HOW did this happen? I remember the Molly Bish case, from 2000. The girl who went missing from her lifeguarding job? Well, apparently they've got a suspect in her disappearance now. That's good, in that hopefully it will provide some closure for her family. But a TV station in Hartford somehow got their graphics REALLY mixed up, and instead of airing a mugshot of the actual suspect, they showed this...

Yeah, the hamster is funny, but geeeez, people! Her poor family..
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Yikes..bad news for teeth people.

This morning I was watching the Today Show, and one segment really caught my eye (well, ear.) It was going to be about the hazards of Crest Prohealth mouth rinse. I actually own some of it (yeah, big surprise I bet, huh?), because it's alcohol-free. I don't normally do regular mouthwash because of the alcohol factor (for those of you who aren't as insane with the dental hygiene as I am, alcohol actually will cause worse breath after it sits in your mouth.) So, being the conscientious consumer, I decided to give this stuff a shot. I can't say that I loved it. While it made my mouth feel fresh while I was actually swishing it around, afterwards, I noticed a decidedly bitter aftertaste, but I didn't think that much about it. Plus, I don't use it every day.

Well, apparently I am not alone in my issues with it. On the Today Show segment there was a whole plethora of people who'd lodged complaints against Crest, because not only was it making their mouth taste funny, it was destroying their sense of taste and turning their teeth brown. Well, well, well.

So, I did a bit of googling, myself. It's crazy some of the stuff that has been said about this product. ( if you'd like to read.) One girl that they spoke with on the Today Show (who confessed to being "obsessed with dental hygiene" crazy is that?!) said that it "made everything taste like Play-Doh." I'd say that's actually a pretty apt description of the bitterness. Fortunately I have not had the browning of the teeth take place (I sincerely think I'd have to just shoot myself if that happened), but I did notice that a while after using it, I would have that nasty taste in my mouth.

If you've used, or are using Crest Prohealth, you might want to rethink it. I've got nearly a full bottle in my bathroom and I'd say I'll be tossing it. It's just not worth the risk. Has anyone else heard about this? Blah. What news for tooth-conscious people!


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