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Has everyone just taken like an LJ sabbatical or something? Almost no one seems to be posting anymore and even fewer comments.

I'm "in class" right now. At the library. I'm taking three classes at ETSU this semester, one of which is Educational Psychology, and that's an online class. I think they may have finally gotten all the bugs worked out and we're taking a break right now. So I thought I'd write a bit. It's funny, the "class" is a combination Youtube video and chat room. One girl just posted "I need to take my dog out. BRB." I never thought I'd see such a thing in a college class.

One of the classes I'm taking is a literature class that I had before (when I was but a young lass of 20) and made a D in. Now I'm not making excuses (or maybe I am), but I would like to explain how this really was not my fault. I had a completely unreasonable professor who would assign hundreds (literally, hundreds) of pages to be read each night, and then give us a quiz on the most obscure facts. The guy I've got now appears to be a lot more rational and I've thus far been able to manage everything well. I even sported my dorkitude by piping up to contribute to almost everything he asked, much to the chagrin of my younger (and less enthusiastic) compadres.

Now I'm back to Ed Psych. (I first typed "Ed Psycho" which would probably be a good name for a movie villain.) We're "discussing" Piaget's stages of development. I could do this stuff in my sleep, so hopefully this will bode well for a good grade.

Speaking of my sleep, I must share this insane dream I had about Barrack Obama the other night. I dreamt that we were in bed (ummm, yeah?) and were apparently enjoying the afterglow. I was laying there with my head on his chest and I said something about seeing him again. He replied "now baby, you know I can't leave Michelle and the girls. I don't know when I can see you again, and you're just gonna have to wean yourself off me." WEAN MYSELF OFF HIM? Afterwards, we got up and started playing pool and foosball with his buddies, because we were apparently shacking up in some sort of governmental fraternity house. I used to have sexy dreams about Bill Clinton all the time, but the only dreams I ever had about Dubya were ones in which he was completely inept. Oh, no...that was real life!! Hah!

Anyway, I'm back to Mr. Ed Psycho now. We're moving on to Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development. W00t.


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