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Time for my once-weekly update, I suppose. I really want to write more, and I intend to, but right now it's just not really practical. So, there ya go.

If you're on my Facebook, which I think a whole bunch of you are, you'll see two things that are either going on or have gone on. Last night, I got to see the Decemberists in Asheville with [ profile] samuraigrrrl, [ profile] nonspecific, and [ profile] aikigrrl.
To say that they were amazing would be an understatement. If you like them or have considered liking them, I would highly recommend checking them out if possible. I was a little disappointed at the beginning, because they just came out and launched right into The Hazards Of Love, their latest CD...and they didn't stop. They literally played the whole CD from beginning to end, from what I could tell. I *like* the new CD just fine, but I wanted to hear some old stuff (I always want to hear "old stuff", no matter who I go to see.) But no need for me to have worried...they came back out after about a 15 minute intermission and basically did like a whole 'nother set of older songs, covers (Crazy On You by Heart, for example) and just basically jammed and improvised for a bit. At one point, Colin, the lead singer came down the aisle right beside me. I could've reached out and grabbed him, but I was not aggressive enough. Others were not so shy. He sat down in the audience, then went walking through the crowd back to the stage. They seemed to have a genuinely fun time playing together and the audience was really into it (notsomuch the security guard sitting at the bottom of the stage, who looked like he'd have much rather been at a rap concert. Or a monster truck show.) If you like the Decemberists or have any inclination to check them out, this guy caught the whole show in halfway decent quality.

So that was last night.

Before that, my dad and I took my mom out to eat for her birthday (she's now officially step closer to Social Security!) We had a lovely meal, but her big surprise is tomorrow. I'm getting ready to head out to the grocery store to shop for her birthday shindig, that she doesn't know is happening. I'm gonna stay at the cabin tonight, then get up at the crack of dawn to start cooking in the morning for her dinner, and I've somehow, yet again, managed to pull off a big birthday surprise. Or at least I have thus far. It's not happened yet, and there's every possibility that she could still blow it, but hopefully not.

Oh, I took my dad's Navy peacoat to the cleaners this week. It looks fabulous, and with the exception of a few very small holes (moth bites probably), it looks practically new. For the first time, ever..I'm actually kind of looking forward to cold weather, because I will hopefully be warm this winter, instead of my usual shivering, sniveling self. Otherwise, this was an incredibly stressful week. I've got a lot going on that I wish was not going on, decisions to make that I don't really want to have to deal with, and I'll update about it later, but that's for another post. For now, I have schoolwork to do, groceries to buy and parties to plan.

I leave you with the Henna Harem in the parking garage at the Civic Center in Asheville... Kara ([ profile] nonspecific), Lillie ([ profile] samuraigrrrl) me and Melody ([ profile] aikigrrl). All hennaheads, all different, yet equally lovely shades of red, which is pretty darned awesome.

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I have like two seconds to update (OK, maybe not *that* little, but not much), because I'm at ETSU working on an assignment. Yeah, on a Sunday night. How motivated am I? Anyway, I just had to write about something that made me so very happy today.

For a while now I've been wanting a black peacoat. For one thing, I think they're just incredibly snazzy, and also, being wool, they're very warm and I am a cold-natured little thing. Last year, my cousin got one for Christmas, and I was admiring it, but I just couldn't bring myself to shell out the cash to get one of my own. Today however, I went up to the cabin to help my parents clean. They're getting ready to have some work done on the attic (finishing up the walls, which are now just framed in, and putting down flooring.) They wanted to clean some up there, and get rid of things that needed to be gotten rid of. Some of it was my stuff, so I went up to help out. We found a huge box of clothes, which was a regular walk down memory lane. My first band uniform, AND my first cheerleading uniform from 6th grade was in that box, as was the dress I wore the first day of school, my flower girl dress from my aunt and uncle's wedding and a couple of my t-shirts that I bought in Europe. We also found my mom's wedding dress and the outfit that my dad bought her their first Christmas together. Dad found a ton of stuff from his youth as well. And you wonder how I got to be such a sentimental schmuck/packrat. My parents save everything.

Mom lifted out this big, very heavy garment bag and said "hmm, wonder what's in here?" It was dad's dress Navy uniform, AND his government issue official Navy peacoat that he had from basic training in Great Lakes, IL!!! Seeing as my dad weighed 130 lbs when he joined the Navy (this was with him standing 6ft. tall...the guy was a beanpole), I thought "wonder if I could wear it?" I tried it on, practically holding my breath, because I WANTED that coat. The sleeves are a bit too long and come down over my hands, but through the waist and shoulders, it is a perfect fit. It's super heavy, has those cool Navy anchor buttons and says "US Navy" on the tag. Man, oh man, I am so friggin' proud of that thing! It comes down about mid-calf and will keep me incredibly warm. Naturally, after being closed up in a box for 43 years, it's a bit musty and there's a spot on the back that can hopefully be removed. But I'm taking it to the dry cleaners tomorrow and will see what they can do with it. Finding that coat absolutely made my day.
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Yes, I am actually alive. Thanks to those who sent out the search party. For the new people on my friends list, I'm normally not this quiet. (Yeah, I think "quiet" is not an adjective that would ever be used to describe me.)

Anyway...just been busy and stuff. Mostly stuff.

I've got a strange question. Or maybe not so strange, I dunno. My mom is a big fan of hard candy, but not the creepy movie staring Ellen Page. She doesn't really do chocolate so much (yeah, I know..and I'm her offspring?), but she does enjoy fruity candies a lot. So every year for Christmas, I always make both my parents a stocking filled with their favorite candy and treats. Dad's easy..he's a chocoholic like me and our taste in sweets is virtually identical, but mom is a little harder to please. She loves Jolly Ranchers, but has lamented for years that she can't find the peach ones anymore. I finally thought to look online and see if they're even still made, and found that apparently I'm not the only one searching for them. I've actually found a candy store that specializes in hard-to-find candy. They sell bulk Jolly Ranchers, and I want to call them to see if they could get me a slew of peach ones. But I'd daresay they're not open at 9:30 pm. So, do any of you nosy types know of a way that I could score some peach Jolly Ranchers? She also likes peach Jelly Bellies, which apparently have also gone the way of the dinosaur, but she's really wanting the Jolly Ranchers.

OK, yeah, I know. I emerge after a week and a half and my post is about candy. Sorry kids.


Sep. 19th, 2008 03:48 pm
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This weekend at Casa de Kimmy will be full of excitement. My mom's birthday is next week, and I'm hostessing her early surprise birthday party tomorrow. Keeping a surprise party from my mother is no small feat, let me tell you. For those of you who were around in 2006, and remember the big anniversary shindig I threw for my parents, you may also remember that my mother tried every way possible to inadvertantly blow it for me. She's done pretty much the same thing this time. She's not doing it on purpose...she just has this knack for accidentally planning over my plans, but thus far, the party seems to be on-target and the guest list has grown exponentially. I'm cooking a Mexican-themed feast for the occasion. A big pot of chili, taco and fajita serve-yourself bars, guacamole and salsa. It's gonna be awesome. Then at 3:30 we'll settle in to watch the Vols get pummeled by Florida. That part's more for my dad and uncles than my mom, but I think she'll have fun anyway.

In other news, kittycat got his manhood snipped yesterday. He came through the surgery brilliantly and was bounding around the house as if nothing had happened in no time. He's still bounding around the house as though nothing had happened. I was hoping that he might have some lingering effects of the sedative to give the elder cats a little rest, but no such luck. What I wouldn't give to have 1/8 of his energy. There was kind of a funny moment.. Last night, he climbed into bed with me and settled down on my lap to groom himself. When he got to the snipped parts, he sort of jerked his head up at me and gave me this absolutely shocked "..the hell..??" sort of expression, like he just noticed they were gone. Poor kitty. I guess that would be a surprise, huh? You go to sleep with testicles, wake up and they're gone.

And that's about it. I need to go forth and plan more. I've been preparing for this party for what seems like forever. Now I need to make my lists and schedules (yes, OCD much?) That helps though. If I know I need to have the chili on by 7 am, start the cake by 9, etc. etc., then I can get it all done smoothly and not run around like a crazy woman. Lists and schedules are my friend. Yesterday, [ profile] headbanger118 was laughing at me for my uber-organized shopping list (I had everything categorized), but I got everything I needed in an efficient manner.

OK...duty calls.
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Yesterday at my uncle's funeral, I saw my aunt, his wife, bound to a wheelchair. (Yes, I'm just a flippin' ray of sunshine lately, aren't I?) My aunt had always been incredibly active and healthy, and I remember her as a large woman who would smother you with her hugs. She cleaned houses for a living, and kept her own house so spotless I was afraid to let a speck of dust fall on the floor. She was always up busying around, either cleaning, cooking or just...doing something. I'm not sure when she had to start relying on a wheelchair, and I'm not totally sure what has confined her to it. She shakes a lot, and looks almost like she could have Parkinson's Disease, although I'm not sure if that's the diagnosis. But I do know that she cannot walk at all, and had to be lifted from the van to the wheelchair at the graveside, and then wheeled to my uncle's casket.

However, in spite of her physical limitations, at the age of 90, she is still sharp as a tack. I could not tell you the last time I saw her. I was probably in my 20s, I'd imagine, yet she still remembered me (even though the last time she saw me I was sporting light blonde hair.) She remembered my mother and all her siblings, and recognized lots of other relatives at the funeral. Her speech is a bit slurred, but she's still understandable, and "all there", mentally you might say.

On the other hand, I also spent some time with my grandmother this weekend. She is 92, and has been basically losing every little bit that is left of her mind over the past several years. She suffers from dementia (I say she "suffers", but I don't know for a fact that she IS suffering. She usually thinks that she is 15 years old, and while she sometimes does seem scared because she can't find her parents, that seemed to mostly be a happy time in her life.) She rambles incoherently, half sentences and words that make no sense and will often start to drift off to sleep mid-word. She doesn't usually recognize any of us, although she does have her moments. She seems to realize that I am "Kim", but I don't know who "Kim" is to her. For all I know, she could think I'm one of her classmates. She frequently thinks that my dad is her husband, who has been dead since 1969. She will often ask where someone is, even if they're sitting in the room with her. We have caregivers who come into her home every day to stay with her, and she has never realized that she just doesn't have a lot of company. On occasion, she becomes violent and combative, although these instances are blessedly infrequent.
But that brings up the point that she is capable of becoming violent. See, my grandmother, unlike my aunt, is still physically active and in basically good health. Yeah, she moves more slowly than she used to, but she can get around. She can dress herself, go get herself a snack, go to the bathroom, sit on the porch, walk around the yard, etc. I would hardly call her "spry", but she is mobile. She just doesn't have any idea what's going on the world around her, although she can maneuver around in it.

That got me to thinking, which would you rather give up? You can retain your physical health, but you must relinquish your mind. Or you can remain alert and aware, but be physically incapacitated. Which would you choose? I guess for me, it would all be a matter of HOW I gave up my mental abilities. If I could go to a happy place and stay there, even if it caused some confusion, I might just do it, in order to stay physically capable. But on the flipside, what if losing my mind meant a constant state of fear or paranoia? In that case, give me the wheelchair and let me stay alert. I don't know. That's a tough one, kind of like when someone asks "would you rather be blind or deaf?" The answer is obviously neither, but unfortunately, I know that it's rare for someone to reach the age that my aunt and my grandmother have achieved without letting go of one or the other.

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Actually yesterday's and two weeks ago parties. I didn't even realize that I'd not posted the pictures of the dinner I had with [ profile] nonspecific, [ profile] theldara and crew, so I'll do that now, along with the family dinner from yesterday. Shall we?'s what's for dinner!


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I'll be off to Erwin in the next little bit. I'll be back in Knoxville Sunday night. I hope everyone has a fun and happy weekend. :-) I will be eating too much food and probably hiding some eggs with the kid cousins on Sunday, so good times will abound, I'm sure. I have requested my mother's broccoli casserole for Easter dinner, and fully intend to gorge myself on it.

Before I go, however, I leave you with The Ultimate Peep Show. It's pretty hot.

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