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Copied via [ profile] annietopia, [ profile] ghost_light and their friend [ profile] psychgurl.

Okay, I've decided to do it - I decided to have a go at my own friending frenzy. I'm looking to add a few new friends to keep things active around here.

For those of you who haven't seen one before here's the deal:

1.) Post a comment to this entry giving a little bit of information about you, your interests, what sort of friends you're after, etc...
2.) Read the comments other people have left and reply to those you would like to add
3.) Advertise the frenzy on your own journal so more people come to join in
4.) Add lots of new friends and have fun
5.) As the host you don't have to add me and, if I don't feel common ground, I don't have to add you. However, if you do want to add me, just let me know in your comment
6.) The friendzy will remain a public entry.

I haven't added anyone new in a pretty long time, but would like to, just to keep it alive in here. I missed LJ so much during the time that I was absent, but hopefully am back in full force now. I feel kinda silly doing a bio of myself here, because I'd imagine most of you know about anything you want to know about me. But if you've got a question, just ask in comments and I'll do my best to answer.

So, friend away. Hopefully I'll get some new people on my list, and you might find some new friends as well. And I don't even know if I'm doing this right! I've never done one of these. I guess to those of you looking for new people, you link this entry on your own journal, so potential new friends can find me? And my friends comment, so y'all can see each other and see if there's anyone on my own list that you might be interested in getting to know? Do I have this right? :-P Just trying to be a good hostess!
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Wishing a great big happy birthday to my best friend in the world, [ profile] headbanger118 .

I threw her a little party on Saturday. She got a gift from [ profile] captainsblog and [ profile] plantmom that was a very nice surprise!

Hilarity always ensues. Always.

Singing "Happy Birthday", whilst Terri cuts the cake.

I was actually there! That's [ profile] nonspecific in the kittycathat.

It's a birthday cut. )
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Time for my once-weekly update, I suppose. I really want to write more, and I intend to, but right now it's just not really practical. So, there ya go.

If you're on my Facebook, which I think a whole bunch of you are, you'll see two things that are either going on or have gone on. Last night, I got to see the Decemberists in Asheville with [ profile] samuraigrrrl, [ profile] nonspecific, and [ profile] aikigrrl.
To say that they were amazing would be an understatement. If you like them or have considered liking them, I would highly recommend checking them out if possible. I was a little disappointed at the beginning, because they just came out and launched right into The Hazards Of Love, their latest CD...and they didn't stop. They literally played the whole CD from beginning to end, from what I could tell. I *like* the new CD just fine, but I wanted to hear some old stuff (I always want to hear "old stuff", no matter who I go to see.) But no need for me to have worried...they came back out after about a 15 minute intermission and basically did like a whole 'nother set of older songs, covers (Crazy On You by Heart, for example) and just basically jammed and improvised for a bit. At one point, Colin, the lead singer came down the aisle right beside me. I could've reached out and grabbed him, but I was not aggressive enough. Others were not so shy. He sat down in the audience, then went walking through the crowd back to the stage. They seemed to have a genuinely fun time playing together and the audience was really into it (notsomuch the security guard sitting at the bottom of the stage, who looked like he'd have much rather been at a rap concert. Or a monster truck show.) If you like the Decemberists or have any inclination to check them out, this guy caught the whole show in halfway decent quality.

So that was last night.

Before that, my dad and I took my mom out to eat for her birthday (she's now officially step closer to Social Security!) We had a lovely meal, but her big surprise is tomorrow. I'm getting ready to head out to the grocery store to shop for her birthday shindig, that she doesn't know is happening. I'm gonna stay at the cabin tonight, then get up at the crack of dawn to start cooking in the morning for her dinner, and I've somehow, yet again, managed to pull off a big birthday surprise. Or at least I have thus far. It's not happened yet, and there's every possibility that she could still blow it, but hopefully not.

Oh, I took my dad's Navy peacoat to the cleaners this week. It looks fabulous, and with the exception of a few very small holes (moth bites probably), it looks practically new. For the first time, ever..I'm actually kind of looking forward to cold weather, because I will hopefully be warm this winter, instead of my usual shivering, sniveling self. Otherwise, this was an incredibly stressful week. I've got a lot going on that I wish was not going on, decisions to make that I don't really want to have to deal with, and I'll update about it later, but that's for another post. For now, I have schoolwork to do, groceries to buy and parties to plan.

I leave you with the Henna Harem in the parking garage at the Civic Center in Asheville... Kara ([ profile] nonspecific), Lillie ([ profile] samuraigrrrl) me and Melody ([ profile] aikigrrl). All hennaheads, all different, yet equally lovely shades of red, which is pretty darned awesome.


Bele Chere

Jul. 27th, 2009 05:45 pm
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Well, I just figured out something. One of my gripes with LJ, that I liked about Facebook was the fact that I didn't have to resize pictures, edit, etc. etc., save them to Photobucket, and THEN post them on LJ. So, by clicking "insert image", I don't have to do all that? Well, lah dee dah. And here I thought I knew everything.

(Edit: That took forEVAR. I think Photobucket might possibly be quicker, rawr. AND you have to click on them to make them bigger??)

So, anyway, this weekend [ profile] nonspecific and I headed up to Asheville, NC for the Bele Chere Festival. I'd heard about it for years, but had never gone. I've got to say, it was fantastic. One of my issues with a lot of festivals is that, even though there's usually something that interests me there (oh, like food?) there's just usually not that much. I go to the Woolly Worm Festival to hang out with my family and see woolly worms racing, and I go to the Apple Festival in Erwin because, well, it's Erwin and I know everyone there.

But Bele Chere was totally different. For one thing, it was HUGE. An estimation of 300,000 to 350,000 people. Secondly, the booths, displays, shows and such were really kind of up my alley. For those who don't know about Asheville, for a southern city, it's really pretty progressive. Some might call it "hippie central" and there are certainly a lot of them there. Everywhere you walked, patchoulli and clove cigarettes permeated the air. But it's a NICE town. Very peaceful, artsy, music everywhere. And to have crammed that many people into one space, there were seriously no problems. Well, the fundevangelists were raising hell (literally) and condemning the homosecktsuals, at which point the crowd started chanting "love not hate!" which made me very happy. But 99% of the attractions were geared toward a much more, shall we say "open-minded" crowd.

On Friday night we saw Dar Williams (girl-with-guitar pop), whom I was not familiar with. She had a good voice, although I could barely see the stage for the crowd. Afterwards we mosied on over to Cracker, which was the act I really wanted to see. They sounded (and looked) great. Saturday morning, we got up and checked out Christabel and the Jons from Knoxville. There was a surprisingly large Tennessee faction there, checking out her jazzy '40s style pop. After that, we walked around, ate, checked out the booths, played some bongos and people-watched. I saw some dogs humping and there's a picture of my reaction (although sadly, no picture of the promiscuous dogs.) Even the dogs are gay in Asheville, as I'm pretty sure they were both boys. Later in the day, we checked out Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, also from Knoxville. I'd heard of these guys for years and had always wondered if they were for real. I had no idea what kind of music they played, and thought they might be sort of a B-52s party band. Nooooo... They're funky funkadelic funk. Like straight-up funk and they rocked out. During the show, some kids brought over those really cool weighted hula hoops and I got up to hoop a bit to the music.
After the Booty Band, we headed over for the headliners, Old 97's, who also put on a rockin' good show. And there were more hula hoops to be had! So I hooped it up a bit more. And I had to give [ profile] aceofkittens props for her taste in men. Rhett Miller from Old 97's is a fine, fine specimen of man.

On that note, here. Have some pictures.

Did you know I knew Spiderman?

Moar. )
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I just received the most nicest, sweetest compliment from [ profile] ellettra, which totally made my night (back at'cha darlin'!) And I want to talk about it.

It kinda takes me aback when people tell me I'm pretty. When I hear words like "stunning", I have a hard time believing they're actually talking about me. Compliments don't make me uncomfortable. I mean, I totally appreciate them. But I guess I still just have some difficulty wrapping my mind around them sometimes. I get a lot of comments and compliments on my hair and my smile, which is good, because I really like both of those things a lot, too. But again, it's just a little odd to think about. When I was younger, I was a definitely plain child. The Awkward Years were awkward indeed. I used to think that the only person who'd ever tell me I was pretty was my mom.

What's ironic is the fact that my smile is what gets noticed before just about anything else. Until I was 11 and acquired some loverly braces, I had total rabbit teeth. They looked too big for my face, stuck out way too far and had a gap in the middle that rivaled Madonna's. I hated smiling when I was a kid because I was self-conscious about them. Now I smile all the time (it truly does make people wonder what you're up to!) It's just funny how things work out, and I've gotta say, next to my piano lessons, I think those braces were the best investment my parents ever made.

I also didn't really like having photos made of myself when I was younger (like the unpleasant puberty years, ick.) Now, as you may have noticed, I rather enjoy it. In fact, [ profile] nonspecific and I are gearing up for a big photoshoot this weekend (woohoo!), so I'm just preparing y'all for the photospam of mass proportions that will most likely follow.

OK, no real reason for this post. Just that I'm feeling OK and I'm really happy that I have such nice friends who make me beam. :-) I just got over a migraine that knocked me on my butt for two days, so something so sweet was even more appreciated.

And now, let's toddle off to bed to sleep the collapse of non-migraininess.
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Actually yesterday's and two weeks ago parties. I didn't even realize that I'd not posted the pictures of the dinner I had with [ profile] nonspecific, [ profile] theldara and crew, so I'll do that now, along with the family dinner from yesterday. Shall we?'s what's for dinner!


Mmmmmm....kitteh. )


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