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I was just thinking the other day that I've not had a "true" migraine (as in, full-blown) in probably a couple of months. In migraine years, that's like a lifetime, because I normally get at least a 2-3 per month, sometimes more. Well, I shouldn't have been thinking, because I now have been stricken. Or is that struck? Strucken?

It started yesterday afternoon, as a seemingly normal headache, but I soon felt it moving to the left side, which is my usual side for a migraine. I sedated myself and went to bed fairly early last night in hopes that it might go away. No such luck. This morning, it was back with a vengeance and had moved to the right side, which is never A Good Thing. If you are a migraine sufferer, you probably tend to get them on the same side of your head each time, but on the rare occasion that they strike the other side, you usually know you're in for a whopper, and not of the Burger King variety. I have felt like absolute death today. Seriously, death.

I'm out of Imitrex and have no hopes of scoring any at the moment. So I've been making up cocktails of Acetominophen and aspirin, which has done nothing but make me nauseous. I finally decided I needed a Coke, so I set out for the store to get one. I don't keep soda at my house, well..ever. Because if I did, I'd drink them. I so rarely have caffeine that when I DO have a migraine, I can use it to my benefit to treat it. I had some Excedrin Migraine in the car, which is basically the aforementioned cocktail of Acetominophen and aspirin, spiked with a dose of caffeine. I had two left, so I got the bright idea to take them in my car as I was drinking the Coke. I dropped one into the black hole under the seat of my car and never found it. Yay me.

So, now the pain seems to have dulled a bit, but my eye is all twitchy and I look like I'm up to something. As I was driving from the store, I could've sworn I saw a huge flock of birds go flying by, but upon closer inspection, I realized it was merely sky. Then I almost ran into a car going through the parking lot, but thankfully I narrowly avoided any bodily harm. I keep seeing things go flying in front of my eye which I think is a gnat, so I swat at it, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing really there. Once I start talking to myself, I will totally have the Crazy Homeless Lady act down. Oh wait, I already do that.

Man, it's been a day. A day that I'd really like to end.


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