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I went for an appointment with my massage therapist today. She worked on me for nearly two hours (but thankfully only charged for ninety minutes, because she is a gem and she loves me.) I kept hearing exclamations of "my goodness!", "oh my!" and all kinds of other stuff that let me know my back was an utter and complete mess. She showed me how totally crooked I was walking when I came in. I'd not realized my left shoulder (the side that hurts) was raised a good bit above the right one, and I was bent sort of at a weird angle. I could feel the muscles releasing as she hit the pressure points, and I must say, when I got out, it did feel better. She also gave me a Miracle Ball, which is made of firm rubber and about three times the size of a tennis ball. She showed me how to put it under my back and lie on the floor to work out the soreness. I'm going to try that tonight before I go to bed. She said she lays on hers to meditate. That might do me some good, I dunno.

I also went over to raid my dad's pharmacy again. I hate relying on medication to make me feel better, but dammit, this is getting really old! And I got more Thermacare heat patches, as well as some IcyHot patches. If I'm going to feel like an old lady, I figure I might as well smell like one, too.

I am so ready for my back to be better (and I'd imagine you're all ready for me to quit complaining about it.) If it's not better by tomorrow, I'd appreciate it if someone just shot me. No, I'm not kidding.

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