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Oh hi. Wow. It's been a little while. I was totally going to post about Easter weekend at home with the family, because it was actually pretty awesome, but I started getting sick a day or two later and here we are.

I thought I just had another cold, but by mid-week, I was realizing it was more than "just a cold." I finally broke down and went to the doctor on Friday (which I HATE to do, let me tell ya.) OK, I say "on Friday" like that was forever ago. It was yesterday. It just seems like forever. Anyway, tested positive for strep AND I have a sinus infection on top of it. This is the third time I've been sick since...uhhh..January? February? Like every month, I was getting something, and I thought it was going away, but maybe it was just leaving for a bit and coming back. This makes me wonder how long I've been harboring this strep bug. It can evidently just stick around forever. So anyway, I've got a round of antibiotics, plus a nifty decongestant for the sinus infection. My head felt like it was full of concrete the other night and I could not breathe or blow anything out. That's finally starting to take care of itself. I just made some jasmine rice in the rice cooker (still LOVING that thing), and I could actually smell it cooking, which was delightful after several days of having zero sense of smell.

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Yesterday I also met with a realtor and I got to pet a Great Pyrenees! (The two are related somehow.) You know, last year, I was wanting one soooo badly (a Pyr, not a realtor), and I still do. Meeting this one just sort of validated how much I want one of these doggies. Her name was Rudi, and she was incredibly well-behaved. Very sweet, sedate, not jumpy at all. Very much my kind of dog. And her coat....Oh My God. Her coat was just like buttah. OK, not really. But it was very, very soft and plush, and if she was mine, I'd just bury my face in it all the time and tell her how beautiful she is.

I seriously need a bigger house/yard. Dog is my motivation.

So that was my week(ish). How was yours?


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