I voted!

Nov. 4th, 2008 10:18 am
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Just got back from the polls a while ago. There was a small line and a wait, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I'd taken a bottle of water and a paperback book. There were people there with lawn chairs, but none of the above was necessary. (Well, I was glad I had the bottle of water, but the people in the line just chatted and socialized for a while, so the book was unopened.)

I tried to do the whole walking to the polls thing, but about halfway in, I realized it was futile. The roads around here are not very conducive to walking and there's a one-lane tunnel that is dangerous for cars to get through. Going through it on foot would've been a deathwish. So I turned around (but still got in some exercise) and got the car. I'd meant to try and be there at 8, but it was actually after 9, due to the delay. Still, I was home before 10, so not bad a'tall.

Whether you voted early or today, what was your experience like? Long lines? Rude people? Or easy in and out and a sense of community? And were there any problems with the voting equipment? Everything seemed to be running smoothly out here, all was calm, and I didn't see evidence of any issues, but it's still very early in the day.

Well, now I'm at a loss. I ate a light breakfast at 6 am, and I'm kinda hungry, but if I eat lunch now I'll be starving at 3:00. Brunch, perhaps?

(Yes, my music is intentional.)

Edit: I forgot to mention that last night I kept dreaming that my house was turned on its side. As in, literally, the walls were the floor and ceiling and the floor and ceiling were the walls. Prophetic/symbolic or just weird?


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